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eCelebrate Comic Book outreach

CAMBODIA -­ In a predominantly Buddhist nation that is still journeying through the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge Regime (1975-1979), when nearly one-quarter of the population (1.7M) lost their lives, and over a decade of civil war, the mighty wind of the Holy Spirit is comforting, changing, and empowering people through Foursquare Cambodia.  By the power of God’s Spirit, the pastors of Foursquare Cambodia have creatively and passionately preached the Gospel, accompanied by signs and wonders, making Foursquare the largest and fastest growing Christian denomination in the nation.  Piep So is one of these anointed pastors.

Pastor Piep and Foursquare Cambodia, in partnership with a Foursquare Foundation grant, are utilizing comic book Bibles to share the Gospel with not only children, but entire families in rural villages.  Due to the challenges with literacy in village people, the comic books communicate the stories of the Bible in Khmer (national language) at the appropriate reading-level of young children and even adults.  These comic books are also shared in the families, local communities, and at the local Foursquare Church.

As people hear Pastor Piep and his ministry team share Christ’s gift of Salvation and read the Gospel through comic books, Foursquare Cambodia is witnessing thousands of souls entering their churches, but more than that Š the Kingdom of God.  To date, Pastor Piep’s project has reported 5,994 decisions for Christ, 3,208 water baptisms, and 2,596 believers baptized in the Holy Spirit!

Evangelism Prayer Focus: Please pray that God would continue to fan the flame of mission and passion in the hearts of Pastor Piep and his ministry team; more workers for the harvest from the local churches; and that God would continue to pour out His Spirit through the gifts and signs & wonders.

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