Creative gifts in your church family?

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Fan into flame the gift of God within you…. 2 Timothy 1

This summer, the Foursquare Church in Mexico hosted a series of evangelism and outreach training events that commissioned 249 new teams into creative evangelism outreach in six major cities

Led by Victorious Christian Harvesters’ founder David Blanchard and his dynamic team of seasoned evangelists, a variety of training events equipped 346 churches in discipleship and effective evangelism strategies.

As teams were commissioned out to share their own unique talents and gifts of the Holy Spirit, creative music, arts, drama and the like, spurred much city interest in parks, plazas and malls, opening hearts to the Gospel message, and providing a resting place for the Holy Spirit to manifest His presence.

Daily follow-up gatherings enabled each leader to share their testimonies and healings.  Project leader Foursquare Pastor Mike Stubbs shared one of the testimonies with us:

“During one of the practice trainings in Guadalajara, a student who was simply practicing an altar call in an outdoor setting, was surprised to find twelve passing by (who were not associated with the training,) stop and respond to the Gospel invitation.  Each surprisingly gave their lives to Christ!  The twelve later said they did not know what compelled them to stop and listen.* But as they listened, each realized they wanted to personally know this Jesus …”  (*Romans 1:16)

Although some of the students admitted they were reluctant at first to share the Gospel with complete strangers, several later shared how God surprised them with Words of Knowledge, and insight into people’s lives that opened hearts wide open to hear the Gospel message.

By the end of July, this Foursquare Foundation grant funded project reported 34,840 new believers, Praise God!  Many of the churches are still continuing in active community outreach, and enfolding new believers into lasting relationships, and sustaining discipleship.

To find out how your church can host a VCH training event too in your city or region. Visit the VCH (Victorious Christian Harvesters) website at: