Pancakes on the Point

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“The harvest is great…ask the Lord to send more workers into His fields.” (Matthew 9:37-38)

Two and a half years ago, Danny and Jenny Bennett planted Santa Cruz Hope Foursquare Church in Santa Cruz, California. They had a vision to find unique ways to engage and serve their community with the love of Christ. Once a month, they host “Pancakes on the Point,” serving free pancakes and coffee to a variety of people in their community.  Anywhere from 50 to 200 people show up each month, allowing their team of 10 to 20 volunteers opportunity to engage relationships with those in their beach community. This year they have not only been able to serve more than 1,000 pancakes and 50 gallons of coffee each month, but over 300 people have made decisions to follow Christ!!

Danny stated, “This generation is more open to the Gospel than ever before – if we are willing to walk with them and speak their language.”

Santa Cruz Hope continues to build relationships with those outside the church through their skate and surf ministries. Pastor Danny is committed to making sure their church stays “sticky.” (A word he coined after pouring gallons of syrup).  Ensuring their church sticks to the main thing – Focused on being a part of the Lord’s harvest. Here are some lessons he’s learned about stickiness:
• Keep the vision clear – reach those who don’t know Jesus Christ!
• Be willing to love and be burned or hurt in relationships
• Allow people to function in their strengths and passion
• Keep coming back to Jesus as the primary focus

Please Pray for Santa Cruz Hope as they are obedient to the Lord to start a food outreach in the fall, a surfer bible study that will make the Gospel real to those that don’t know Jesus yet, and develop leaders to help disciple those coming to Christ and wanting to grow in their faith.

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