Life Giving Power of the Gospel

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… for it is the power of God unto salvation … Romans 1

Kiribati – In April 2013, the Foursquare Foundation shared a glimpse of what God was beginning to orchestrate through the ministry of Pastor William Yakumbu, a missionary to the Republic of Kiribati from Foursquare Papua New Guinea.

Since that time, Pastor William has diligently conducted regional evangelism outreaches to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom to many who may have been told the Christian message, but never experienced the life-giving power of the Gospel and work of the Holy Spirit.  During the five crusades, Pastor William and his team witnessed miraculous healings and attendees destroying their superstitious charms and oils related to witchcraft.  Most importantly, people repented and turned to Christ, the Giver of Life!

Over the past months, Pastor William has also been teaching, mentoring, and training new leaders for the work of the ministry.  Many of these leaders have been involved in the project, gathering people together for prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and planting 2 new churches! They continue to share Christ’s love and Good News, to see a nation changed and come to know the Savior.

Celebrate with us, as we rejoice in what our Lord has accomplished thus far. Through this unified partnership with Pastor William, the Foursquare Church of Papua New Guinea, and the Foursquare Foundation, 1,572 people have made public decisions to follow Christ! Many have been discipled, and 77 leaders have been trained to plant more churches, and lead many others into a relationship with Christ.

Evangelism Prayer Focus: Please pray for Pastor William and his team of leaders, as they to continue to follow-up and disciple the many who have made decisions for Christ; Pastor William and his family, as they look to the Lord for new pathways and new assignments; the financial needs of the leaders; and that the Holy Spirit would continue to move in power for His glory.

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