Foursquare Message Sets Riverine Communities Ablaze

eCelebrate Pix AFRICA rotated 90*Story submitted by:  Rev. Samson B. Aserifa

Yenagoa, Nigeria: When the “Riverine Community Outreach” team entered the Imiringi, Sagbama, and Brass communities of Bayelsa State, the Foursquare faithful trooped street-to-street and house-to-house distributing Gospel tracts, event fliers, and invitations to both children and adults, leaving yearning questions and entreaties behind them: “Who are these people?” “Which church are they from?” “Where is the church?” “What is the name of the church?”

Project Leader, Rev. Samson Aserifa, gives God the glory for satisfying the yearnings of the people, answering their questions, and granting their desires as they responded to the Holy Spirit and the calls to salvation made by the preachers and witnesses at the evangelical outreaches. Testimonies of various kinds have been given, especially for the safe and normal delivery of a baby (even after doctors advised caesarean section) and the appointment (mid-project) of the project leader to head a newly created Missionary District.

So far, the project team, with the partnership of the Foursquare Foundation and Yenagoa’s dynamic District Overseer – Rev. Yemi Ayoko, with his committed and ever faithful leaders and workers – has discipled 112 new converts, out of which 70 have been raised to various leadership and service levels through crash courses conducted for meeting the dire need for project and church workers.

Evangelism Prayer Focus: Pray for the newly established Missionary District – that the Lord of the Harvest will send more workers into His harvest fields – and the various people groups they are reaching with the love of Christ by drilling water wells, building simple suspension bridges, and providing care packages for fishermen, farmers, and lumberjacks.