Reaching into Hidden Places

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‘Go out … compel them to come in, that my house may be filled …’ Luke 14

What impact can one ministry make in a country where social services have left the disabled seemingly invisible, and hidden from public view?  One Foursquare ministry in the Middle East (name withheld) is discovering a ripple effect of joy as they deliver wheelchairs and hope to families living with disabilities. “Our outreach ministry is more than dropping off a wheelchair,” shared Project Leader (name withheld,) it’s about changing the hearts, minds, and lives of whole families. It’s about helping transform society’s view on the quality of Life, village by village, person by person.”

Sponsored with Friends of Kardelen, and a Foursquare Foundation grant, the “Reach Me” project is helping provide the gift of mobility, while sharing the Good News of salvation to children and adults living with a variety of disabilities.

A new reality TV series is underway, capturing home visits that can be viewed on Satellite TV or DVD. Each of the 13 episodes filmed by the project team are designed to help generate compassion awareness as well as a hunger for spiritual truth.  5 free wheelchairs are given away during each half hour segment, featuring highlighted moments of the professional care given to each family, along with spiritual tips and encouragement for life’s uncertain challenges. An interactive website connection is provided for prayer and discipleship opportunities.

In the days to come, the project team anticipates seeing a momentum of more families being enlightened with God’s tangible Love and healing presence … To date 5 decisions for Christ have been reported through this media evangelism project.

May God continue to increase our harvest hunger, (entrusting the 99,) to go after the lost one … Matthew 18:12-14

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