The River’s Edge

eCelebrate Ranch photo

There is a River whose streams make glad the city of God … Psalm 46

Foursquare Pastor Gary Hornsby, founder and director of The River’s Edge Ranch, and his associate Big Al Aceves (former Mongols biker gang leader) are helping men find Christ and wholeness after being caught in the depths of addiction, gang life, prison and hopelessness.  Situated in California’s beautiful high desert, their 20-acre ranch, once used to rehabilitate ailing and injured horses, is now holy ground for the caring and discipleship of approximately 400 men since it’s beginning.  A place where men progressively grow in relationship with Christ as they study the Word of God, serve the community, work the grounds, and care for horses, cows, and aviary of birds and other animals.

Pastor Gary shares about the impact of The Ranch on each individual man:

“The individual learns his new identity in Christ…being born again, having that life-changing experience with Jesus Christ and understanding what Christ created them to be. The fruit beyond that…once the man gets healed and gets whole, then his marriage begins to restore. Once his marriage begins to restore, then his family gets restored. This place is a place of restoration.”

The Foursquare Foundation has been honored to be able to help partner with resources for the development of men at The Ranch as leaders and disciples of Christ, through equipment, supplies, leadership and outreach materials.

Be sure to watch a video about The Rivers Edge Ranch to hear personal testimonies from some of the men at The Ranch.

Please partner in prayer that the Lord will provide further support to The Ranch to increase the amount of men they can house and disciple. They are planning on a 40-man bunkhouse, as well as two windmills to help replace their electricity costs