The Harvest Project

eCelebrate Pix - Americas Dania Reyes - Colon Panama Feb 2014

Panama:  Project leader Dania Reyes, zone pastor, evangelist, and founding pastor of La Verbena Foursquare Church is leading God’s people courageously to win the surrounding communities of Colon, Panama for Christ.  For the past three years, La Verbena Foursquare church has touched their community through social outreaches and outdoor crusades.  Last year, they saw 900 disciples come forth as a result.  This year, with the partnership of a Foursquare Foundation grant, Pastor Dania and her team are expecting double the spiritual fruit, and to expand their annual evangelism efforts by hosting a nine-day crusade, with outreaches for both children and adults, with food basket giveaways and a live stage program that will present the Gospel of salvation.  The project, appropriately titled “The Harvest,” is also launching a new church plant in Colon.  Pastor Dania affirms that this project has become a permanent part of their church’s vision to reach the province of Colon year round.  Already, within the first three months of the project calendar, the church saw an increase in new disciples and church members.

Pastor Dania shared, that during one of the street outreaches, a woman named Elizabeth reconciled her life with the Lord after having stepped away for many years.  As a result, she invited her husband to church, who then invited his cousin and her family, resulting in an entire string of family and relatives reconciling with the Lord and returning to Christ.  Because one believed first (again), salvation came to the lives of many.  God is reaching the province of Colon in Panama through the courageous vision of one leader and her team who dare to believe that salvation is for all who are near and far.

Please join us in prayer as plans are underway for the team to host the largest community outreach the city of La Verbena has ever seen during Holy Week 2014.  The church of Christ is standing in prayer believing that the day of salvation is now and that many will hear the message of hope and respond urgently to the call of our Savior.