The Light of Life in Grave Places

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There is a place, where amidst the thousands of tombs and graves … men, women, and children call one cemetery “home”.  These individuals are seen by society as the discards from broken families, victims of abuse and sexual exploitation, the disabled, the sick, widowed, and impoverished. With no hope and limited options, they turn to what they see as their only choice – the cemetery. There many work as prostitutes, selling themselves for as little as 75 cents. Trying to survive. Outcast from the world around them.

In 2013, Pastor Mike and his team at Compassion First began visiting, befriending, and loving these cemetery residents.  In partnership with the Foursquare Foundation in January 2014, Pastor Mike hosted Christmas celebrations to share the love of Christ, serve food to, and worship alongside the prostitutes and orphans of the cemetery. Pastor Mike and his team were able to celebrate the gift of Christ, the Light of the World with 430 men, women, and children from area slums and brothels. To date, 150 decisions for Christ have been made and 35 people are being discipled!

Evangelistic Prayer Focus: Please pray for continued wisdom and courage to step forward as God leads in establishing HIS presence and further outreach to the prostitutes, transgendered population, and orphans in this cemetery.  As well, please pray for those who have entered and will enter into a new relationship with Christ.