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Public School Outreach

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Whether the land is rich or poor … Be of good courage …  Numbers 13

Los Angeles:  Imagine what would happen if a Bible Club launched on every school campus in your local school district?  What if neighboring churches partnered together and adopted each school, commissioning their youth pastors onto campuses of elementary, Junior High and High School?  Weekly ministry and discipleship during lunch hours and after school?  Some thought the idea somewhat far-fetched and unattainable. Yet Pastor Jarrod Davidoff and his wife Lucinda knew they heard God’s voice. Faithfully, they followed God’s lead and moved from their quiet home in South Africa (along with baby Cody,) to the bustling area of Los Angeles, focused on God’s Heart and the unfolding of His audacious plan.  (“Some said, “Giants are in the land….”)  

Fast forward to today:  Since that time, not only have doors opened and divine connections and relationships emerged, school advisors and Bible clubs are opening their doors – dozens since 2011.  And with the help of a Foursquare Foundation Evangelism Grant this last year, inspiring music and pizza events are gathering students into gymnasiums, campus courtyards, and classrooms, in partnership with Bible clubs, churches, and willing parents. “Pastor Jarrod and his team really know how to rally students together, ‘ said one parent, ‘Not only do they minister a compelling Gospel message, they inspire students to tap into a lasting relationship with Jesus.”

Since September’s grant funded project began, over 18 outreaches have been held in the Los Angeles and Orange County area.  And the best part of all  – 678 youth said yes to a relationship with Jesus!  With free resources, social media, texting, Twitter ‘n such, sustaining discipleship (built into the program) by Bible clubs and churches, is creating quite a buzz on campuses

How can Foursquare Churches get involved?  With 50 more Los Angeles contacts on Jarrod’s list, (13 in Orange County,) and dozens confirmed, the team is quite enthusiasitc about what God has in store.

Pastor Jarrod Davidoff senses God has called him in particular to invite and equip all interested Foursquare Churches to participate in this life-changing move of God.

To find out more, visit their website at:  www.savetheworldfoundation.com/home

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Creative Children and Youth Outreach

eCelebrate Pix USA Foothills FSQ Gilroy

The youth in Gilroy, California are learning a journey in God can be fun and fulfilling, thanks to the anointed efforts of the youth department at The Foothills Foursquare Church. Children’s Director, Rachel Ratliff and her faithful team ministered to around 330 children during a fun and inspiring “Wizard of Oz” themed VBS, where children discovered the love of God as they considered the journey of each Oz character. The week culminated into a most memorable journey of all, meeting Jesus as Savior.  As a result, 96 children accepted Jesus for the first time, and each child took home their very own Bible. The next day, all returned to learn about the Holy Spirit.

The older youth were also impacted during a fun and life changing camp this last summer.  Here is a story Rachel shares about one of the youth (“D”) that attended camp:

“D” is a Sophomore in High School and started coming to our youth group about a year ago. “D” was born in a prison, and lived in Foster Care until age 4 when her Grandparents adopted her.  She struggled with wanting to know her parents – would see her mom from time to time – – Addicted to drugs, and really wanted to know her mom. Then, she found her dad when she was in Jr. High.  At this time, she had made the wrong kind of friends, and had tried alcohol and several kinds of drugs. This young girl desperately wanted a relationship with her dad, and was willing to do anything to connect with him.  When she was 12 years old, she began buying drugs from her father in hopes that he would love her and be a father to her.  She said, “It was the only way I could think of to stay close to him.”


Join us in praying for all the youth and children’s ministries at The Foothills Foursquare Church; that God’s tangible presence would continue the deep work begun in the lives of each child and youth that committed their lives to Him.

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Solar Proclamation of the Gospel

eCelebrate - Cambodia - Proclaimers solar radio

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!

CAMBODIA – As God’s people, redeemed by the power of Christ’s saving act on Calvary, we know that the hearing of the Gospel is efficacious and can be life-transforming.  We know that simply introducing a person to Christ can be the beginning of altering the destiny of their soul and life.  In a nutshell, that is the very essence of evangelism.  Pastor and Missionary Ted Olbrich and Foursquare Cambodia’s General Supervisor Som Adt have been faithfully sharing the love of Christ in a contextual and creative way.

As many rural farmers and pastors have limited education and access to resources, many times the written Word of God can be difficult to distribute and communicate in villages and townships that are a challenge to access.  As such, Ted Olbrich and Som Adt in partnership with the Foursquare Foundation, are providing solar-powered “Proclaimers” – easy to operate, portable audio players that allow groups of up to 20 people play and hear the Bible, verse by verse, in the common language, Khmer.

Through the simple hearing of the Gospel using Proclaimers, unwavering faith of Pastor Ted and Pastor Som Adt, and the loving Body of local believers, the message of Christ continues to spread in Cambodia.  Local believers are witnessing healings and demons being cast out.  People are turning from charms and superstitions to follow the One who gives Life and brings Wholeness.

Please pray that Christ will continue to be the primary source of comfort and strength for Pastor Ted Olbrich, Pastor Som Adt, and local believers.  Pray too, that more laborers and partners will come forth to support this work; that God’s Spirit would continue to move increasingly for the evangelization of Cambodia.

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written:  “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”  Romans 10:14-15

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Commissioning Teams in Honduras

eCelebrate Honduras mejia 2

The Foursquare Church in Comayagua, Honduras is witnessing God’s promises fulfilled as newly commissioned teams reach out into rural communities with the Gospel of salvation, and enfold new believers into discipleship home groups. This regional church planting initiative, led by pastor Gilberto Mejia, is training and equipping teams from 20 regional churches. The team reported 47 new believers visited churches after follow-up, many came as far as 60km away. Three new families opened their homes to host Bible studies, and a month later, three new locations have been identified as potential church planting sites, where currently more than 180 people gather weekly to hear God’s Word and be strengthen in the fellowship of the saints.

With the help of a Foursquare Foundation grant, outreaches are also increasing from quarterly to bi-monthly, more teams are being formed, and additional resources are being distributed for immediate use.

To date, Foursquare Comayagua has planted more than 200 cell groups for discipleship, and reported 8,300 decisions for Christ, praise God!  3,715 are currently being discipled at local Foursquare churches throughout Honduras.

Join us in praying for the National Foursquare leadership in Honduras, that God would continue to bless each team with his tangible presence, and further help identify additional church planting communities for the expansion of the Gospel and lasting discipleship of the new believers.

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Love Reins

eCelebrate Pix Dream Center Salem Oregon

Oregon:  The Salem Dream Center in Oregon has been reaching out to their community with the love and Good News of Jesus Christ under the direction of Project Leader, Craig Oviatt. Through a partnership between the Foursquare Foundation and West Salem Foursquare Church, The Dream Center has seen over 230 individuals make a decision to give their lives to Christ this year!

In addition to helping families transition out of poverty, illiteracy and language barriers, The Dream Center continues its work through several extension ministries. One in particular, Love Reins Ranch, is uniquely sharing the Gospel at a horse ranch where families bring children with disabilities for therapy. Not only are they seeing amazing results in the physical responses of children, the hearts of the parents are being changed towards God and the church. The Director of Love Reins, Katie, shares, “While the children who come to Love Reins Ranch usually are excited to jump right in, the parents, foster parents, and guardians are generally cautious. Not only are we using big horses around their children, but many have had bad experiences with churches (feeling their children have not been accepted).”

Read one testimony from Love Reins Ranch on our Facebook Page

Prayer Request: Please pray that the Salem Dream Center has the resources to reach out to individuals in their community as the winter months close in. Ask the Lord for additional favor and other ministry partnerships that will enable them to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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Good News Proclaimers

eCelebrate Uromi Nigeria - Nov 7

Uromi, Nigeria: While secondary school children were on holiday, Project Leader Goddey Ebojie and the “Good News Proclaimers Evangelism Outreach” team went to work. They gathered professional teachers and public examination specialists in the city of Uromi to teach various subjects relevant to the students and their studies and, in the midst of holiday coaching, 350 young people made decisions for Christ! Praise the Lord!
“Evangelism methods are dynamic and adoptable,” said Rev. Ebojie, who also trained and empowered a team of medical personnel and support staff to care for people’s practical needs and proclaim the Good News in the process. As a result, 569 more people responded to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Wow!

Furthermore, Rev. Ebojie said, “We notice that people respond more to social service backed gospel,” which is why the project team also intends to drill a well to provide fresh water for a local village and plant a new Foursquare Church in a nearby location. “Because of the poor economic state of the people, simple gifts attracts them.”

Once people respond to the Gospel, the team disciples them via Sunday School Classes at church. They also disciple women and children from another faith in their homes, thereby ensuring that new converts need not fear husbands or fathers who would not want them to publicly identify with a church.

Evangelism Prayer Focus: Please pray for the 1,642 precious people who are walking with Christ as a result of this outreach. Pray for the growth, discipleship, and safety of the new believers and the project team, as well as for the successful conclusion of this evangelism project.

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55 New Grants Awarded!

eCelebrate Pix - Davidoff School Outreach Prayer

The Foursquare Foundation Board of Directors awarded 55 new evangelism and leadership development grants this week to a variety of quality pastors around the globe. Each leader, ultimately focused on God’s harvest of souls, will train, mentor and commission next generation leaders into community outreach, small group ministry, church planting, an array of other ministry efforts that will bring froth new believers and blessings in more than 26 countries.

Join us in Praising God for His continued Blessings upon us all … May Your Kingdom Come, Lord, May your will be done in each leader, and in each ministry project … For your Kingdom Glory, Amen!

View Project Awards

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Foursquare Hub to Reach the Nations

eCelebrate PIX Trinidad - CEMMT copy

Gasparillo, Trinidad – Trinidad is a cultural merging point.  Its island brims with fifteen different nationalities sharing one common language (English). Y et a diverse variety of religions, including Hindu, Muslim, Animist, and Buddhist.  One might dream it’s the perfect environment to establish a missions training center.  A place that inspires and equips God’s people to make disciples and multiply churches.  The “Transcultural Missionary Training Center” in Trinidad & Tobago is that training center.  And it’s led by Foursquare Pastor Evert Mora, founder of the Foursquare School of Missions in Venezuela and the Director of Church Planting for Foursquare Venezuela, where some of God’s finest leaders are being prepared to launch out into the Nations.

In partnership with a Foursquare Foundation grant, the center opened its door this past August welcoming over 30 students from Latin America and the United States.  Each being prepared for short or long term missions and ministry.  Daily lectures include subjects on cultural sensitivity, world religions, global missions, languages, and a variety of other ministry topics.  Student’s schedules include participation in local outreaches with area Christian churches immersed in Hindu and Muslim communities.  In a recent outreach to children, more than 30 children accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior!  Praise God.  A super ending to a fun filled afternoon of choreographed dances, entertainment, painted faces, … and proclamation of the Gospel.

Currently, the 3rd overlapping training session is underway with two families committed to missions work in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

The project’s long-term goal is to provide a Foursquare presence in the region that shines God’s light through planting Foursquare churches throughout the island of Trinidad.

Please pray for the missionary training center as the Lord continues to speak to future missionaries to be trained and released into “all the World”.  For more information, please visit their ministry website at: www.cemtt.org

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Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

eCelebrate - Africa Nambia 

Train up a child in the way he should go…

Ongwediva, Namibia:  By linking arms with Liberty Heritage School and the Foursquare Foundation, project leader Festus Negumbo and Foursquare Ongwediva, the national church of Namibia is reaching the nation through Christian education.

“Future Leaders of Namibia” is a project designed to train and coach young spiritual leaders to disciple their peers and raise up more spiritual leaders in the process. God’s word is already reaching the lives of children and even impacting their parents.

Most importantly, the young team is gathering God’s harvest in creative ways – using sports, music, and drama events as an evangelism vehicle. “The children stepped up and assumed roles in leadership that we would have thought not possible,” said Pastor Festus.

So far, three teachers have discipled three small groups of students who are presenting the Gospel to others. When a teenager expresses an interest in knowing Jesus Christ, a peer begins to walk closely with him or her along a road of discipleship toward Christ.

As a result, 148 young people decided to follow Christ, intentional discipleship continues, more teachers and students are being identified as having spiritual leadership potential, and the team is sharing the vision with believers in the marketplace.

Evangelism Prayer Focus: Pastor Fesus invites us to pray “That Liberty Heritage will be a Pace-setter in our nation as we reach children both spiritually and academically.”  Pray too for the future leaders of Namibia, that these teachers and young people will have an impact in every realm of society, from sports, music, and drama, to business and marketplace ministry. Everyone is part of God’s great work.

… May each increase in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man

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Preparing for God’s Harvest of Souls

eCelebrate Pix = SEAsia_Pic … I am with you always …

SOUTHEAST ASIA – Training fruitful leaders and planting healthy churches can be challenging in most contexts, but under a political system where civil and religious liberties are restrictive to Christians (less than 10% of the population,) can often prove arduous and wearisome. Yet Foursquare Pastor H (name withheld) and his resilient ministry team refuse to let that slow them down.

Pastor H’s plan is simple and straight-forward: mobilize local Foursquare churches 1) by training healthy, evangelistic leaders to reach people with the Gospel; 2) to disciple those new believers; and 3) to plant churches.  And he’s doing just that.

In partnership with the Foursquare Foundation, Pastor H’s project is equipping 430 leaders and planting churches to reach local communities.  To date, over 70 people have made decisions to follow Jesus and many healings have been witnessed.  By the power of the Holy Spirit and the Father’s immeasurable grace, this is only the beginning of a nation being won for Christ!

“And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:11-12 NASB)

Pray for Pastor H and his ministry team, so that they would be encouraged and continue to rely upon the Holy Spirit in the midst of political/religious challenges and opposition.  And that God would continue to move in power to draw more hearts to Him.


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