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The River’s Edge

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There is a River whose streams make glad the city of God … Psalm 46

Foursquare Pastor Gary Hornsby, founder and director of The River’s Edge Ranch, and his associate Big Al Aceves (former Mongols biker gang leader) are helping men find Christ and wholeness after being caught in the depths of addiction, gang life, prison and hopelessness.  Situated in California’s beautiful high desert, their 20-acre ranch, once used to rehabilitate ailing and injured horses, is now holy ground for the caring and discipleship of approximately 400 men since it’s beginning.  A place where men progressively grow in relationship with Christ as they study the Word of God, serve the community, work the grounds, and care for horses, cows, and aviary of birds and other animals.

Pastor Gary shares about the impact of The Ranch on each individual man:

“The individual learns his new identity in Christ…being born again, having that life-changing experience with Jesus Christ and understanding what Christ created them to be. The fruit beyond that…once the man gets healed and gets whole, then his marriage begins to restore. Once his marriage begins to restore, then his family gets restored. This place is a place of restoration.”

The Foursquare Foundation has been honored to be able to help partner with resources for the development of men at The Ranch as leaders and disciples of Christ, through equipment, supplies, leadership and outreach materials.

Be sure to watch a video about The Rivers Edge Ranch to hear personal testimonies from some of the men at The Ranch.

Please partner in prayer that the Lord will provide further support to The Ranch to increase the amount of men they can house and disciple. They are planning on a 40-man bunkhouse, as well as two windmills to help replace their electricity costs

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Reaching into Hidden Places

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‘Go out … compel them to come in, that my house may be filled …’ Luke 14

What impact can one ministry make in a country where social services have left the disabled seemingly invisible, and hidden from public view?  One Foursquare ministry in the Middle East (name withheld) is discovering a ripple effect of joy as they deliver wheelchairs and hope to families living with disabilities. “Our outreach ministry is more than dropping off a wheelchair,” shared Project Leader (name withheld,) it’s about changing the hearts, minds, and lives of whole families. It’s about helping transform society’s view on the quality of Life, village by village, person by person.”

Sponsored with Friends of Kardelen, and a Foursquare Foundation grant, the “Reach Me” project is helping provide the gift of mobility, while sharing the Good News of salvation to children and adults living with a variety of disabilities.

A new reality TV series is underway, capturing home visits that can be viewed on Satellite TV or DVD. Each of the 13 episodes filmed by the project team are designed to help generate compassion awareness as well as a hunger for spiritual truth.  5 free wheelchairs are given away during each half hour segment, featuring highlighted moments of the professional care given to each family, along with spiritual tips and encouragement for life’s uncertain challenges. An interactive website connection is provided for prayer and discipleship opportunities.

In the days to come, the project team anticipates seeing a momentum of more families being enlightened with God’s tangible Love and healing presence … To date 5 decisions for Christ have been reported through this media evangelism project.

May God continue to increase our harvest hunger, (entrusting the 99,) to go after the lost one … Matthew 18:12-14

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Bolivia Reaching Bolivia

eCelebrate PIX - Americas too

The Missions Base of the Foursquare church in Bolivia trains leaders for short and long term missions, as well as offers continuing education courses to various Foursquare pastors.  A recent MLD grant helped increase their student base training, and hands-on evangelism training in and around the major cities of Sucre and La Paz. Led by Brazilian missionary and pastor Marcelo Dallabrida, in partnership with the National Foursquare Leader Ruben Baldiviezo, recent missions outreaches sent out 2 teams to Puerto Quijarro and Ucureña for a week of evangelism outreach to public schools and large city plazas. Working in unison with local churches in each city, each site becomes a training place for church leaders to build upon for 30 days of follow up and discipleship of new believers.  To date 1,001 decisions for Christ have been reported through the Base evangelism outreaches!  And 67 leaders and pastors have been trained and prepared for effective missions.

Join us in Prayer:  Pastor Marcelo is asking for prayer, that God would continue to expand the work of ministry they have been called to do.  And to effectively develop the local Bolivian leaders to lead the Base in the future.

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Foursquare Message Sets Riverine Communities Ablaze

eCelebrate Pix AFRICA rotated 90*Story submitted by:  Rev. Samson B. Aserifa

Yenagoa, Nigeria: When the “Riverine Community Outreach” team entered the Imiringi, Sagbama, and Brass communities of Bayelsa State, the Foursquare faithful trooped street-to-street and house-to-house distributing Gospel tracts, event fliers, and invitations to both children and adults, leaving yearning questions and entreaties behind them: “Who are these people?” “Which church are they from?” “Where is the church?” “What is the name of the church?”

Project Leader, Rev. Samson Aserifa, gives God the glory for satisfying the yearnings of the people, answering their questions, and granting their desires as they responded to the Holy Spirit and the calls to salvation made by the preachers and witnesses at the evangelical outreaches. Testimonies of various kinds have been given, especially for the safe and normal delivery of a baby (even after doctors advised caesarean section) and the appointment (mid-project) of the project leader to head a newly created Missionary District.

So far, the project team, with the partnership of the Foursquare Foundation and Yenagoa’s dynamic District Overseer – Rev. Yemi Ayoko, with his committed and ever faithful leaders and workers – has discipled 112 new converts, out of which 70 have been raised to various leadership and service levels through crash courses conducted for meeting the dire need for project and church workers.

Evangelism Prayer Focus: Pray for the newly established Missionary District – that the Lord of the Harvest will send more workers into His harvest fields – and the various people groups they are reaching with the love of Christ by drilling water wells, building simple suspension bridges, and providing care packages for fishermen, farmers, and lumberjacks.

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Life Giving Power of the Gospel

eCelebrate Aug 21 - ASIA edited -PWilliam2[1]

… for it is the power of God unto salvation … Romans 1

Kiribati – In April 2013, the Foursquare Foundation shared a glimpse of what God was beginning to orchestrate through the ministry of Pastor William Yakumbu, a missionary to the Republic of Kiribati from Foursquare Papua New Guinea.

Since that time, Pastor William has diligently conducted regional evangelism outreaches to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom to many who may have been told the Christian message, but never experienced the life-giving power of the Gospel and work of the Holy Spirit.  During the five crusades, Pastor William and his team witnessed miraculous healings and attendees destroying their superstitious charms and oils related to witchcraft.  Most importantly, people repented and turned to Christ, the Giver of Life!

Over the past months, Pastor William has also been teaching, mentoring, and training new leaders for the work of the ministry.  Many of these leaders have been involved in the project, gathering people together for prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and planting 2 new churches! They continue to share Christ’s love and Good News, to see a nation changed and come to know the Savior.

Celebrate with us, as we rejoice in what our Lord has accomplished thus far. Through this unified partnership with Pastor William, the Foursquare Church of Papua New Guinea, and the Foursquare Foundation, 1,572 people have made public decisions to follow Christ! Many have been discipled, and 77 leaders have been trained to plant more churches, and lead many others into a relationship with Christ.

Evangelism Prayer Focus: Please pray for Pastor William and his team of leaders, as they to continue to follow-up and disciple the many who have made decisions for Christ; Pastor William and his family, as they look to the Lord for new pathways and new assignments; the financial needs of the leaders; and that the Holy Spirit would continue to move in power for His glory.

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Pancakes on the Point

eCelebrate Pix - USA Pancakes

“The harvest is great…ask the Lord to send more workers into His fields.” (Matthew 9:37-38)

Two and a half years ago, Danny and Jenny Bennett planted Santa Cruz Hope Foursquare Church in Santa Cruz, California. They had a vision to find unique ways to engage and serve their community with the love of Christ. Once a month, they host “Pancakes on the Point,” serving free pancakes and coffee to a variety of people in their community.  Anywhere from 50 to 200 people show up each month, allowing their team of 10 to 20 volunteers opportunity to engage relationships with those in their beach community. This year they have not only been able to serve more than 1,000 pancakes and 50 gallons of coffee each month, but over 300 people have made decisions to follow Christ!!

Danny stated, “This generation is more open to the Gospel than ever before – if we are willing to walk with them and speak their language.”

Santa Cruz Hope continues to build relationships with those outside the church through their skate and surf ministries. Pastor Danny is committed to making sure their church stays “sticky.” (A word he coined after pouring gallons of syrup).  Ensuring their church sticks to the main thing – Focused on being a part of the Lord’s harvest. Here are some lessons he’s learned about stickiness:
• Keep the vision clear – reach those who don’t know Jesus Christ!
• Be willing to love and be burned or hurt in relationships
• Allow people to function in their strengths and passion
• Keep coming back to Jesus as the primary focus

Please Pray for Santa Cruz Hope as they are obedient to the Lord to start a food outreach in the fall, a surfer bible study that will make the Gospel real to those that don’t know Jesus yet, and develop leaders to help disciple those coming to Christ and wanting to grow in their faith.

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Creative gifts in your church family?

eCelebrate - Americas PIX

Fan into flame the gift of God within you…. 2 Timothy 1

This summer, the Foursquare Church in Mexico hosted a series of evangelism and outreach training events that commissioned 249 new teams into creative evangelism outreach in six major cities

Led by Victorious Christian Harvesters’ founder David Blanchard and his dynamic team of seasoned evangelists, a variety of training events equipped 346 churches in discipleship and effective evangelism strategies.

As teams were commissioned out to share their own unique talents and gifts of the Holy Spirit, creative music, arts, drama and the like, spurred much city interest in parks, plazas and malls, opening hearts to the Gospel message, and providing a resting place for the Holy Spirit to manifest His presence.

Daily follow-up gatherings enabled each leader to share their testimonies and healings.  Project leader Foursquare Pastor Mike Stubbs shared one of the testimonies with us:

“During one of the practice trainings in Guadalajara, a student who was simply practicing an altar call in an outdoor setting, was surprised to find twelve passing by (who were not associated with the training,) stop and respond to the Gospel invitation.  Each surprisingly gave their lives to Christ!  The twelve later said they did not know what compelled them to stop and listen.* But as they listened, each realized they wanted to personally know this Jesus …”  (*Romans 1:16)

Although some of the students admitted they were reluctant at first to share the Gospel with complete strangers, several later shared how God surprised them with Words of Knowledge, and insight into people’s lives that opened hearts wide open to hear the Gospel message.

By the end of July, this Foursquare Foundation grant funded project reported 34,840 new believers, Praise God!  Many of the churches are still continuing in active community outreach, and enfolding new believers into lasting relationships, and sustaining discipleship.

To find out how your church can host a VCH training event too in your city or region. Visit the VCH (Victorious Christian Harvesters) website at: http://vcharvesters.org 

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‘Go out … compel them to come in, so that my house will be full’

eCelebrate Pix - Cafe Church Great Britian

New innovative churches are springing up in coffee shops and community centers throughout Great Britain, drawing people in who have never entered a church. UK’s largest and fastest growing coffee shop chain, Gloria Jean’s and Costa Coffee have opened their doors to Christian organizations, such as the “Café-church Network,” offering a casual space for fellowship and faith-based conversation.

Foursquare Pastor Hope Yoloye and the Living Way Foursquare Church in London recently launched their Café-Church in a community center in Hertfordshire, England.  In conjunction with Harvest Elim Foursquare, vibrant music, food and fellowship engage neighbors each week into topics of interest such as health and finances, parenting or latest emerging issues. Monthly, popular practitioners from the medical or legal fields, sports or media, share personal chats on career, family and faith, helping individuals find moral solutions and God.

With a drop in church attendance, and exponential growth of Islam, Foursquare Pastor Hope believes their new Foursquare church-planting venture is helping engage a “Road to Emmaus” experience that is helping foster deep relationships in Christ and lasting community.

Foursquare National Leader Surekha Hulugalle believes this new Café-Church launch is a “great prototype for the church planting initiative currently underway in Foursquare Great Britain.”

Along with weekly Bible studies, parenting classes, prayer support and counseling, this Grant Funded project is also helping to provide Gospel themed outreaches for children and families.

New home groups are anticipated to be launched in the cities of Chesterfield, Rippon,and Middlesex.

For details on the Australia based Café Church Network visit their website at www.cafechurch.net

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Church on the Move

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 2.29.39 PM

Bangui, Central African Republic:

Despite chaos, confusion, and turmoil due to a coup d’état in CAR during the initial stages of their church planting project, two mobile churches have been planted on two university campuses, and 24 Bible Club Fellowships, which continue to increase in attendance, have been established around the capital city.

Earlier this year, Project Leader Makela Yamale recruited 42 leaders and 300 student volunteers to catch the vision of planting mobile churches on university campuses in Bangui. He anointed them as they launched strategic on-campus outreaches. Since then, these young leaders have learned how to lead small groups, conduct Bible classes, preach the Gospel, teach about baptism, counsel others, and make disciples.

Recently, this “Church Planting on Campuses” project hosted outreaches that featured films such as “The Harvest,” and conducted “Worship Him” concerts, opening the door for major breakthroughs on the campuses. This Foursquare Foundation grant funded project has witnessed some 1,650 people make first time decisions to follow Christ, and many are involved in ongoing discipleship classes.  God is certainly on the move, and He is building His church along the way!

Evangelism Prayer Focus: Please pray for the project team and the young leaders. Pray that new believers will continue attending discipleship classes. And please pray for peace in CAR as the government works toward reconciliation.

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Comic Book Bibles

eCelebrate Comic Book outreach

CAMBODIA -­ In a predominantly Buddhist nation that is still journeying through the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge Regime (1975-1979), when nearly one-quarter of the population (1.7M) lost their lives, and over a decade of civil war, the mighty wind of the Holy Spirit is comforting, changing, and empowering people through Foursquare Cambodia.  By the power of God’s Spirit, the pastors of Foursquare Cambodia have creatively and passionately preached the Gospel, accompanied by signs and wonders, making Foursquare the largest and fastest growing Christian denomination in the nation.  Piep So is one of these anointed pastors.

Pastor Piep and Foursquare Cambodia, in partnership with a Foursquare Foundation grant, are utilizing comic book Bibles to share the Gospel with not only children, but entire families in rural villages.  Due to the challenges with literacy in village people, the comic books communicate the stories of the Bible in Khmer (national language) at the appropriate reading-level of young children and even adults.  These comic books are also shared in the families, local communities, and at the local Foursquare Church.

As people hear Pastor Piep and his ministry team share Christ’s gift of Salvation and read the Gospel through comic books, Foursquare Cambodia is witnessing thousands of souls entering their churches, but more than that Š the Kingdom of God.  To date, Pastor Piep’s project has reported 5,994 decisions for Christ, 3,208 water baptisms, and 2,596 believers baptized in the Holy Spirit!

Evangelism Prayer Focus: Please pray that God would continue to fan the flame of mission and passion in the hearts of Pastor Piep and his ministry team; more workers for the harvest from the local churches; and that God would continue to pour out His Spirit through the gifts and signs & wonders.

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