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Imagine – Youth Summit East 2013

eCelebrate June 25 USA - Imagine Worship

The Mid-Atlantic District of Foursquare Churches rallied youth groups to Baltimore, Maryland for Youth Summit East 2013.  Through a God-given vision brought into reality with Project Leader Lesli Klingenmeier (NextGen Director) and her team, the district had the opportunity for the first time to see young adults converge in one location with an expectation of an encounter with God.

Through a partnership with an evangelism grant from the Foursquare Foundation, the students were provided scholarships to attend the Summit where they worshiped and were given a greater ability to see themselves designed by God “on purpose, for a specific purpose.”  Breakout sessions brought new awareness from many different vocational arenas, giving students a chance to hear from men and women who serve Christ faithfully in the workplace and ministry. Encouraging each to IMAGINE how God wants to use each to help change the world around them,

The Youth Summit has truly been a catalytic event in youth groups as follow-up reports have included testimonies of lives being changed.  One particular young man came forward the next week at his youth group and shared about his personal struggle with addiction.  This opened the door for other young men to share their struggles and seek healing from the Lord.  475 youth attended and almost 100% responded during personal ministry times, including 28 youth who made first time decisions to follow Christ!

Let’s pray together for the students who gathered, that the Lord would continue the work He began in their lives at the Summit.  Pray also that the youth leaders and workers will be encouraged and empowered to continue reaching out with the love of Christ to the students in their communities.

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Fervent Intercession Makes for Effective Evangelism

eCelebrate Pix - AFRICA - Mome-Adidome

Mome-Adidome, Togo, West Africa:  Project Leader Hansinde Inoussa Gbadamassi knows strategic evangelism. He also knows there is an unseen spiritual realm he and his ministry team deals with prior to a soul coming to know Jesus Christ. “Operation All Togo for Christ by 2015” is equipping believers to tear down enemy strongholds and move in like special ops forces with the Good News of Jesus Christ, for it is indeed the power of God unto salvation.

Since no two areas are the same, when the project team is ready to expand the church into a new community, they first pray and send two people to conduct strategic research in order to detect the “strong man” and to meet the “man of peace,” according to Luke 10. Upon their return, the team seeks God’s lead in praying and binding the strong man according to Luke 11 – for one whole week. Then, they pray and send a team of 10 people to perform door-to-door evangelism for two full weeks in an effort to prepare the community for the preaching of the Word. Finally, they pray again and host a large evangelism event, marveling as our Heavenly Father delivers people from the domain of darkness and transfers them to the kingdom of His beloved Son according to His glorious might. When all is said and done, a new Foursquare church is planted and a new Senior Pastor is installed. Glory to God!

During the first five months of this Foursquare Foundation matching grant project, which operates in close partnership with Foursquare Togo, over 800 people made decisions for Christ.  In addition, almost 200 leaders were trained, three cell groups were established, and one new Foursquare church was planted.

Evangelism Prayer Focus: Pray for the new work in Atanssi and that the Holy Spirit will elaborate His unique strategy to reach this village with the Gospel. Pray for the new churches and the new believers. Pray for peace in Togo during election season.

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Loving our Communities to Christ

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 4.38.19 PM

How can we practically show Christ’s Love to our City?  A collection of Foursquare churches in Europe – 4 countries to be exact – set out to answer that question. Joining humble forces with an under-the-radar ministry called, “Serve the City,” Project Leader Brett Toft and team made it their first priority to seek God’s face, and learn their city’s most relevant needs. After meeting with city officials, the Serve the City team set out with other area churches to help meet some of those needs …

Fast forward a year later:  Hundreds of volunteers participated in Serve the City events held in Tallinn, Estonia – many of whom were secular unbelievers called “Not Yets,” as Pastor Brett lovingly refers to them. One by one, divine encounters and relationships emerged, lending to natural opportunities to share the Gospel message of salvation. By the end of the grant funded project, which also included college campus outreach, over 151 new believers were reported through their evangelism project, some of whom joined Serve the City teams that have now multiplied into other cities.

A noticeable key component to Brett and Tammy’s leadership success is their intuitive investment into spending quality time mentoring their leaders, remaining ever watchful for God’s timely release of each leader into next level leadership. After three years investment into their core team, Brett and wife Tammy are now “freed-up” (so to speak) to go over the borders to new neighboring countries while the Tallinn Team back home continues to move forward. This year, in response to invitations from Foursquare Hungary, Ireland, and Poland, their new grant funded project called “Serve the City Multiplication” will help each country tap into God’s unique plan for their own Serve the City ventures.

“Many people doing small things together, often winds up making a BIG difference in a community … 

Visit Serve the City Estonia’s website to learn more.  Serve the City began in Brussels in 2005 and is now active on three continents in over 87 cities around the world.

Also view Foursquare Facebook Pages:

Serve the City Galway, Ireland

Serve the City Budapest, Hungary

What does love look like in your community?

Matthew 10:7

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Love in Action

eCelebrate - New Zealand - Theo

New Zealand – Love-in-action and the reliance upon the work of the Holy Spirit are at the core of Pastor Theo Nayagam’s ministry at All Nations City Foursquare Church in Auckland, New Zealand.  As Pastor Theo and his team share Christ’s message of hope and Salvation to migrant workers, low-income families, and those being oppressed by the enemy, souls are turning and returning to Christ, many discovering a new found love in Christ.

In partnership with a Foursquare Foundation grant, Pastor Theo and his team have been able to share the Gospel and build new relationships through The Cornerstone Project that is reaching into the local community through open-air gatherings, a food ministry to families in need, and unique children’s program called “Kids Day Out.”

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 NIV

Prayer Focus: Please pray for Pastor Theo, his family, and team of leaders at All Nations City Church, that the Holy Spirit would continue to empower and strengthen them to reach the souls in Auckland and advance His Kingdom.

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Seven New Cell Groups Planted

eCelebrate Americas May Church planting Venezuela - Mogollon copy

Venezuela – Pastor Rafael Mogollon and the Ojeda Foursquare Church is leading a church planting initiative that is harvest focsued and planting four new Foursquare churches.

Since the beginning of the project early this year, mission teams of 20 leaders were sent out to strategic locations to prepare the ground with prayer and fasting prior to hosting street evangelism programs for area children and their families. Fun inflatable playgrounds were then set up, complete with face painting and evangelistic skits, highlighted by dance and choreography for the adults.  A live band brought a message of salvation, followed by a compelling proclamation of the Word of God.

Recent cities reached by the mission teams include Machiques, San Rafael del Mojan, and Los Puertos de Altagracia, where seven new cell groups have been started from the harvest of the outreaches.  And the best part of all, more than 560 souls have made a conscious decision to follow Jesus Christ, and are currently being discipled! This effort is in concert with a Foursquare Foundation grant that is helping establish the new Foursquare churches with literature for discipleship, chairs, and a much-needed sound system at each site.

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Leadership Development in South Africa

eCelebrate s. Africa - May 2013

What comes to mind when you think about South Africa? Nelson Mandela? Apartheid?  World Cup? How about Ministry Leadership Development and Church Planting? How about reaching a suicidal man for Jesus and discipling him to be a Christ-follower?

For the past year, Project Leader Xavier Adriaanse has been working in close partnership with John Shober and Southern Africa regional leaders toward the ministry leadership development of four strategically chosen emerging leaders, who are being prepared to plant and pastor four new Foursquare churches in Cape Town and East London. This one-year immersive pastoral internship has already reaped good fruit in the lives of these leaders and will ultimately strengthen Foursquare South Africa, as most Foursquare churches in South Africa are currently located in rural areas and not in densely populated cities, which carry with them a distinct and unique set of ministry needs.


Pastor Xavier and his team utilized four different ministry practices in their leadership development sessions: Formal Biblical Studies, One-on-One Mentoring, Outreach and Evangelism, and Practical Hands-on Training. All four emerging leaders enjoyed opportunities to receive personal coaching, as well as group mentoring throughout the course of the project. They also had many opportunities to initiate outreach activities, such as organizing soup kitchens to feed the hungry and clothe the needy, teaching life skills in high schools and local colleges, hosting city-wide ministry events, developing youth outreach nights, pioneering home groups, and building follow-up and discipleship teams.


With the help of a Foursquare Foundation grant, the “South Africa Church Planting” (MLD) project has produced six small groups and two church plants in their initial stages. The goal is see some of the current and future small groups develop into church plants. The team has also been able to train seven potential pastors and 50 leaders while reaching 73 people for Christ and discipling 56 of those who made decisions, including the suicidal man mentioned above.

Evangelism Prayer Focus from Pastor Xavier: “Please pray for the developing leaders and future church plants. Our goal is to identify these key leaders and to train and expose them to various aspects of ministry with the end goal of having them be a part of a church planting team. I believe one of the effective ways of reaching people is through church planting – taking the gospel to where the people are.”

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United as One

eCelebrate pix - United As One

Students are being empowered for a lifetime of service to God through a full-time immersion program at Highlands Foursquare Church in Palmdale, California. Under the leadership of Pastor Ken Hart and Sean Sottile, The United Academy is actively training and mentoring young adults seeking to fulfill their call to ministry.

Through a partnership with a Ministry Leadership Development grant from the Foursquare Foundation, students of United are not only developing their Biblical understanding of service, they are participating in weekly outreach to families in their local community.  Resources have also helped students put on three major outreaches throughout the year called “United As One,” utilizing local bands, guest speakers and food trucks. The events this past year, have seen more than 80 youth make decisions to follow Christ, and over half become engaged in discipleship.

Pray for the students of United Academy as they grow in their relationship with Christ and reach out with the Good News of Jesus to their friends and family members. Ask the Lord to bring more students to engage this transforming process and discover their life-long call for ministry.

United Academy partners with young leaders, Junior High all the way to College age to develop Biblical training and understanding (utilizing courses from: Life Pacific College), leadership competencies, spiritual devotion and hands-on training.

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Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 4.20.22 PM

The Foursquare Foundation Board of Directors recently awarded 46 new evangelism and leadership development grants to fruitful leaders around the globe who are focused on God’s harvest of souls.  Among a variety of Holy Spirit inspired strategies, the collective projects will mentor and prepare over 204 leaders for evangelim outreach, church planting, and discipleship of new believers in 24 countries. Highlighting God’s heart for the lost, the project teams will reach out and witness to over 418,942 people whom they anticipate will make decisions to follow Christ!

Click here to:  View Project Awards

We invite you to consider joining this group of Foursquare Foundation project leaders by considering God’s lead in submitting a grant application on behalf of your fruitful ministry outreach. Our staff of grant coordinators are here to help and happy to assist – please do not hesitate to contact us!

The Foursquare Foundation was created for a single purpose: To help accelerate world-wide, interdenominational evangelism focused on the investment into leaders who help transform people, cities and nations through the power of the Holy Spirit. To help resource fruitful evangelism efforts which reach and disciple people in all regions of the world to be followers of Jesus Christ. The Foursquare Foundation’s approach to fulfilling this mission is to help provide matching grants that help ignite an ‘afterburner’ effect which lasts in momentum well after Foursquare Foundation funding has ended.

*For more information visit our website and view the Foursquare Foundation “Grant Guidelines” (under the Grants tab) at:  www.foursquarefoundation.net

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Foursquare Resources in MY Language!

eCelebrate Resource Translation - J. Loop

“Feel free to begin translating,” Doug Bursch wrote with TEARS in his eyes. “This book will help people, it will change lives, and it will make the body of Christ stronger.” With that, he clicked send. Moments later, a precious woman of God read the email and began writing her own. “Begin translation,” Johnell Loop instructed with GREAT JOY as she transferred the final proofed edition of the first three chapters of Foundations of Pentecostal Theology for translation.

Think of the impossible dream in your heart. Now, imagine that it began to come true. How would you feel? Who would you tell? Your Friends? Your Family? Your Loved Ones? Exactly! Johnell Loop and the “Foursquare Resources for Global Leaders” project team, which includes Foursquare Missions Press, recently received a Foursquare Foundation matching grant. We are overjoyed to share this update with you, our beloved family, because long-held and cherished dreams are beginning to come true – right now.

As you are reading this story, National Leaders are beginning to receive key Foursquare resources, such as The Foursquare Gospel, Foundations of Pentecostal Theology, Disciples of All Nations, Doing What Jesus Did, and Women in Leadership Ministry, in a language that they understand. Spanish and French materials are being distributed at conferences and conventions in the form of books, CD’s, and flash drives. Currently, translation is underway in four additional languages, with more to come as funds become available.

Since the translation and distribution of all materials is field-driven, regions to reach during this initial phase include Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Indian sub-continent, and Southeast Asia. In the future, the project team knows that great need and desire will expand the project’s reach into other regions at a rapid pace. The Foursquare Foundation is pleased to be in partnership with the first phase of this important mission.

Pray that the translation and distribution of these vital Foursquare resources will take place as quickly as possible so that more leaders can be trained to reach the global harvest.

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Global Outreach Day!

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 5.49.33 PM

Join us on Saturday May 25th!  Everyone is invited to participate with multiple churches and leaders around the globe in a unique evangelistic opportunity called “Global Outreach Day.”  Virtually every denomination, culture, race and ethnic background are joining with 200-plus nations, in a massive one-day mobilization of the body of Christ. One focused day, one focused effort, to help take action in fulfilling the Great Commission in our generation.

What is Global Outreach Day?  “It started with a single day, but is already growing into a mighty movement,” shared Project Leader Verner Nachtigal.  “The Global Outreach Day was created to be an inspiring catalyst to help make it easier for every believer to intentionally step out together and share God’s message of hope. Whether it be by two, or in a group; on the streets, or at work, at home, in hospitals, prisons, neighborhoods, movie theater, parks, stores, restaurants and so on … Millions of Christians intentionally praying and stepping out all on the same day, to encourage and inspire each other.  A wave of evangelism and salvation on May 25th to sweep the globe …”

The G.O.D. website provides fun creative ideas for you to consider, and downloadable “How to” training resources and flyers for various countries.

The testimonies from last year are awesome. And so are the results! Millions of souls have already been saved.

Although Global Outreach Day is not about famous preachers and big tents, influential leaders and ministries from all over the globe are behind the Global Outreach Day, encouraging believers from every walk of life to participate. Partners include Christ for all Nations, Call2all, Campus Crusade for Christ, YWAM, Metro Ministries, Voice of the City, Generals International, Life without Limits, and many others …

The Foursquare Foundation is honored to be able to help partner too through an evangelism grant awarded to Project Leader Verner Nachtigal, the co-founder of Global Outreach Day, who is also providing pre-evangelism “Train the Trainer” events that are helping empower over 8M leaders with “How to Go” manuals in 9 languages. “Although many Christians want to reach people with the Gospel, shared Pastor Verner, they feel limited and inadequate, sometimes not even called to do it.  We are providing spiritual and practical training for you to experience a real breakthrough in personal and corporate Evangelism!” You don’t need to be a “super-evangelist” with a “super-budget”. There are thousands of ideas and creative ways to lead someone to Jesus Christ. Let us help you to release your potential”…

The focus is not only to mobilize already active evangelistic people, said project leader, the aim is to see the WHOLE church – every single believer – stepping out on one day into divine action to reach the lost. 
All can join in. Simply pause, and ask Holy Spirit’s guidance in helping you consider the multiply ways that work best for you to reach out to one – or more – in your immediate sphere of influence.

Everyone can reach someone with the Gospel during the Global Outreach Day, Saturday May 25, 2013. Be part of it!  Register at www.globaloutreachday.com 

“… Go out there, step out in faith. Do something you haven’t done before!” 

* A great opportunity too for participating churches to coach and provide personal follow-up and discipleship.

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