Solar Lending Program

Lower costs. Cleaner environment.

The Foursquare Foundation Solar Lending Program was birthed out of a desire to create investment projects from the Foundation’s corpus that utilize valued partnerships to provide significant financial benefit to local churches.

This program allows the Foundation to lend funds to local churches for the express purpose of installing solar systems to offset expensive electric bills. The benefits of this program to the local church will be the utilization of inexpensive financing for solar systems that generate free power in an effort to help permanently reduce expenses and redirect funds for greater missional purposes in the Kingdom.

Pastor Sheldon Lacsina from Hew Hope Hilo, in Hawaii, shares about the system that was installed February 2016...

“God has blessed us with two great resources, the power of the sun and people. And He has called us to steward them well. The Foursquare Foundation has been more than instrumental in helping us complete our solar panel project, they’ve been a ‘Big Brother’ in time of need. What I appreciate about the Foundation is the support and wisdom necessary for the local church to tackle a project of this size. I always felt they were looking out for the best interest of myself as the lead pastor, and our local church community. We have been greatly impacted as a church by the amount of finances we'll be saving, being an example to our community regarding the environment, and bringing us closer together as a church family because of the process of the project. We did it together. Now, more support financially can be focused on the mission of reaching people far from God and raising up young leaders for our future. I am so grateful for our Foursquare Foundation ‘ohana (family)!”

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